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A history of the Speke Estate

and well worth seeing

Speke Estate Archive



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Local Bailiffs Action

We have had an increased number of people coming to our bureau after visits from Bailiffs collecting fines issued by Magistrates Courts. A Magistrates court fine can be issued for many different reasons including non payment of TV licence or dropping a cigarette end on the ground. When they reach bailiff stage the fine has grown with added fees. A debt that started at £75 can increase to £500 or more.

Bailiffs have increased powers when dealing with these debts and we have had recent reports of the Police accompanying them on their visits. When a bailiff knocks on your door with a Police officer, you need to know why they are there. The only role they have is to step in if there is a breach of the peace. They are not there to help the bailiff collect the debt. They should not speak to you and ask you to let them in and you never have to let a bailiff into your house.

If this happens to you, bring any letters or information they give you to us at the CAB and we can help deal with the debt.

For further information on bailiffs powers see bailiff information on Advice Guide or go to your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau.

For more Bailiff information go to our Blogspot....








Speke Airport Liverpool 1960/70's









Building Speke in 1948





South Parade Speke


Speke Video



Speke Elainettes - Tinies (Pontins 2011)




The cliffs at Oglet in the 1950's now badly eroded by the

Mersey River




Speke Your Mind video interview #1





1,000's of information packages

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Dungeon Lane Cottages


The "Old Smithy" A sketch by Bill Smaje
I have overcome my willpower and taken up smoking again
Speke Guestbook
Death is natures way of telling you to slow down
Speke Helpline
Wrinkles merely indicate where
smiles have been
Speke News. Do you have any?
Either he's dead or my watch has stopped
Coronation celebrations Speke parties and floats He'll regret it to his dying day if ever he lives that long.
Speke Mini Bus Agency
Don't worry about senility when it hits you, you wont know it
Speke Comprehensive 1958:
By Ken Savage The doctors ex-rayed my head and found nothing
Speke, Health Centers
By the time a person gets to greeener pastures he can't climb the fence
The Graves of AllSaints Churchyard
Politicians are like nappies....thay should be changed regularly and for the same reasons.

Speke Ex Pats:
where friends meet
If voting changed anything they would make it illegal

Speke aerial views
Gossip; Hearing something you like about someone you don't
Western Avenue Kiosk
Once during Prohibition I was forced to live for days on food and water.
Speke Quiz,
A verbal contract aint worth the paper it's written on
Your old school friends
When the guy who made the first drawing board got it wrong what did he go back to?
Speke Today
Anyone who visits a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined



The eroded cliffs at Oglet

The history of Speke




Any of the Speke residents will know about the existance of this wall but do they know the history of it.

The wall of the old Wharf located at Dungeon Lane click the
link for a little history.....

That's how the light get's in


Salt refinery at the Dungeon




Speke All Saints Church



No longer exists, demolished to make way for the new

Speke John Lennon Airport.




Speke building regulations approval



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The Old Dungeon Docking Wharf, with a view along the River Mersey towards Oglet, notice the lightship behind the tree in the distance. For a bit of the docks history, click on the link.....

Salt and the Rise of Liverpool
The Dungeon








Oglet Shore looking towards Dungeon Lane at low tide




Landlord Problems??



"Still Around"?....

Then add your name to the forum list of those people who are, "still around", in other words you haven't kicked the bucket ....yet. Just a thought that came to me the other day...not hearing from a mate for quite some time, I wonder, "Is he still around". It's always terrible when we lose track of each other, especially those of us who have known each other since childhood. Plus, it's another way of people recognizing your name in the list and getting in touch with you after many years apart. ADD YOUR NAME NOW.

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Help for first time home buyers



The Lighthouse at Hale




A Speke area walkabout by Adrian Bailey



Cycle Speke events

Join us for Cycling Sundays, our bike rides on the first Sunday of every month around Speke.

Visit our cycling events page to find out more about this and other cycle rides.







The Ford Road looking towards Western Avenue and Speke Boulevard. The Ford Plant on the right the Jaguar factory.





A beautiful set of 144 pictures depicting the early days of the Speke Estate dating back to the 1930's.

All of these pictures were donated to the website by Mr Ian Mowat of Hunts Cross and a former resident of Speke.

Thank you so very much Ian for sharing these lovely pieces of Spekes' history

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Coronation parade Linner Road.



Early Speke Pics 1938







Speke Training & Education Centre






Hale Road looking towards Hale Village.








The statue of John Lennon at Liverpool John Lennon Airport,Speke

History of Speke airport




Speke friends



The rear of Speke Hall

Speke Hall facts



Speke yesteryears pictures




Speke Children's Centre





Premier Inn
Liverpool John Lennon Airport




I bet you didn't know that Speke used to have its own railway station

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Speke school picture



Speke Video

Speke Video 2

Speke Video 4

Speke Video 3



Speke Comp School Pics

Find old friends from
Speke Comprehensive (LIVERPOOL)


Where rabbits roamed and fishing was good in the early 1950's



Mathew Street Webcams



The dancers of the Speke Carnival


Speke Houses flats for sale/rent

The early days of Speke Airport

Jim Ryder 3rd from right front row.

David Lloyd Clubs Speke




Welcome to
Stockton Wood
Community Primary School


Stockton Wood Road Council School

















Old Pictures of Speke Airport


Did you know that aircraft were manufactured at the Rootes Aircraft factory and roled across Speke Hall Road and into the airport...
Take a look at

Rootes pictures...





Saint Christophers new church




The Beautiful Aircraft at Speke



The old Stocktonwood Road School

Now demolished and replaced with a new school








Alderwood Avenue School.
Class photograph 1957-58

Kindly donated to the Speke website by Graham Constable.

I am attaching a school picture from the primary class of 1957 or 58. at Alderwood Road. The school teacher was called Achin. Love to hear from anyone who recognises themselves.

I was moved to Millwood shortly after.

I remember the Queen mother visiting about the same time.

Graham Constable






The New Speke Forum
Chat,Buy,Sell,Trade, Find old friends, Meet new friends.




A beautiful video of Speke Memories
Courtesy of Danny Windever....thanks Danny, for sharing with us



New houses built on All Hallows site




Speke John Lennon Airport



Speke's new school Parklands




All the Police Reports




My Speke walk about



Clothing grants and free school meals



All Saints Church Hall




Speke All Saints Church






Speke Hall, Blue Bell Woods









Liverpool: Beatle Homes







The Concrete Pipe


Danny Windever



During World War 2

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Kathy's pictures


Memories Of Speke and all the Districts

Add your memories to the site it costs you nothing and we will do all the web work for you. You can even include your
favourite pictures on the site . How about your schooldays? Do you have any school pics that you would like to include?

Click here to see the sample pages

How about your baby pics? Your wedding pics or pics of your favourite night out.

e-mail us for details.







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y5 Visit to Speke Hall









The Old Smithy.
A drawing by Bill Smaje


The last look at Stocktonwood School


Inside and outside Stocktonwood School

(the old school) 



Dungeon Lane Oglet.
The Mersey has corroded the coastline over the years and the cliffs are no more.


Government, citizens and rights




Speke Hotels
I would have given my right arm to have been a pianist
Earl Group
International Real Estate Brokers
List your property for sale with us
Speke A-Z
I didn't suspect it was an orgy until three days later
Liverpool Picture Galleries
Just when you think tomorrow will never come it's yesterday
More Pics of Speke Comp's final days There aren't enough days in the weekend
Smart Kids Club
Smoking will cure weight problems eventually
Speke, Homes for sale
Cross country is great if you live in a small country
Stocktonwood Reunion
There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the riverside looking like an idiot
Speke Hall
It wasn't raining when Noah built his ark.

Old Airport
A mute told a deaf man how a blind man saw a cripple walk on water

Forces pictures
George Burns is old enough to be his father
Your Daily Horoscope
Why is the alphabet in that order is it because of that song?
Is this the end of Speke Comp?
I love flying, I've been to almost as many places as my luggage.
Speke Comprehensive
Ignorance of the law must not prevent the losing lawyer from collecting his fee
All about Speke
Pedestrian; Someone who thought he had petrol in his tank
Stocktonwood School
Houses for sale in Speke

Cars for sale in Speke


Speke Hall
Speke Dating and Singles
Speke Car Hire
Hot Air balloon rides over Speke
Postal Codes Index
Time now in Speke


If you were born or married in Speke we would be delighted to hear from you.

If you should have copies of early Liverpool/Speke school pictures, or indeed any Liverpool school pictures, we would like to hear from you, especially if you would like to include your pictures on our site.

We will constantly be adding photograph galleries to the site over the coming months.

It costs less than .20p / week
for a full web page and a listing in the directory.
You will not find cheaper advertising




Pirates of Penzance

Speke, AllSaints Church
Speke Jobs
Where I come from the valleys are so narrow the dogs wag their tails up and down
There are just two rules for success never tell all you know.
Speke Airport: Aircraft Crashes etc.
The best ten years of my life were the ten between 29 and 30
Kenny Johnson, Radio Merseyside
Nobody loves a fairy when she's forty
Pilgrimage to Lourdes
She's aged more than her husband but less often
History of Speke Airport
I wanted to marry her ever since I saw the moonlight shining on the barrel of her fathers shotgun
Air Training Corps
The only thing that can cheat her out of the last word is an echo
Speke Comprehensive
A man without a woman is like a moose without a hat rack

Speke Weather Forecasts
Telling a teenager the facts of life is like bathing a fish

Coronation Party Pictures,
If I wanted to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet I'd put shoes on my cat.
School Pictures
I'm at the age were my back goes out more than I do.
Paul McCartney
Where there's a will there are reletives
Lottery Fraud
Money makes money and the money money makes makes money
Scousers Re-United
Canadians are Americans with no disneyland.


Airport Bus Service
No fool like an old fool.
Hair styles of Stella
All beginning is difficult.The first million is the hardest.
Speke Information
Please let us know.
Kids World
Honest work never hurt.
All Saints Church
True love never dies.
World Newspapers
Out of sight, out of mind.
Liverpool Street Maps
You learn from your mistakes.
Oglet Pictures
The smart one gives in.
Speke as it is today
Be sure your sins will find you out.
Kids Sure Start Speke
Home sweet home./There's no place like home.
16th Allerton Boy Scouts
Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Speke,Online Business Directory
Money doesn't buy happiness.
The Fox
Haste makes waste.
The axe in the house spares the carpenter.
Speke/Hale houses for sale
Honesty is the best policy

Can't sleep
Misfortune seldom comes alone./bad luck comes in threes.
Speke Shopping
There is strength in unity.
Create your own business cards
All's well that ends well.
Internet Fraud
Work before pleasure.
Speke Rent Collecting
This too will pass.
Speke, Prefabs
Not all that glitters is not gold.
Death to Spam
Opposites attract.
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Send a greeting card with sound
It's half as bad as you think.

Liverpool's Radio City
Birds of a feather flock together.

Speke, Street Names
Lucky in cards, unlucky in love.
Speke community profile
Liberty is from God, liberties from the devil.
Splut for Kids
Them that have, gets.
Speke Schools
Lost track of your old school mates why not leave a message for them here.
Billy Butler
Barking dogs don't bite.


Liverpool Gallery - Over 50000 Photographs






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